2014 AQP

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Alabama QSO Party News

  • 2014 Alabama QSO Party will be held on Jun 7th, see Rules for details.

  • The 2013 AQP Results link is enabled.
    We would like to congratulations to all the Winners.

  • From Mr M.D. Smith/WA4DXP

    I made a total of about 29 contacts, but some may not count. I was in the car a long time Saturday, but I did have a lot of fun. Had a camera and a tiny tripod and with timer, I could take the photos you see with ME in the photos. I was single driver and single operator.

    I traveled to Scottsboro, Mentone, Desoto Falls, Desoto Park, Craigmare Manor and the Ft. Payne train station and museum and navagating the thunderstorms. For a first timer, it was a memorable experience. Can't talk so good today, but I guess that's normal. 73 M.D.

  • Thanks for a great time and it was fun being the only one active in a few counties! Will do it again next year!!! 73 Chuck KK4TE Axis, Alabama
    Charlie/KD4TT and Chuck/KK4TE

  • The results of the 2012 AQP are available. Congratulations to all the plaque winner. Certificates are in the mail (Apr 16th, 2013) and plaques will be forthcoming.

    John/AD8J and his brother Mike as they prepared to start their trip in the 2012 AQP.
  • I have a Power Point presentation that perhap you can use to present to your local club. You can get to it at this link. If you have some suggestions to improve this presentation, please let me know. Thanks!
  • Have activated the County Activity Page. If you are planning on operating please send me an email kc4hw(at)alabamaqsoparty(dot)com and tell me what county(s) and modes you will operate. If your club station will be active please let me know. 05/12/2012

    Jim/KC4HW presenting Jerry/N4JF his plaque from the 2011 Alabama QSO Party

    • If you have any questions, please contact me at Thanks and hope to see or hear you in the 2011 Alabama QSO Party!


    • Please use the link to the left for the lastest rules. There have been changes, so please look them over closely. Also check out the county abbreviations as they have also changed. If you have any questions, please let me know at kc4hw{at}alabamaqsoparty{dot}org.
    • A Word about Corrections: I try to make the results, scoring and webpages error free, but in an effort to get the information published, there are errors, typos, etc. that just creap in and go undetected in different documents. Please let me know if you see anything that needs attention and I will get corrections made as soon as possible. Thanks!

    Sponsors & Supporters

    • The Alabama Contest Group (ACG) is the primary sponsoring entity for the Alabama QSO Party. This organization have been very helpful in organizing and publicizing/promoting this event. If you are interested in information about the Alabama Contest Group, please take a moment to visit the Alabama Contest Group website for more information.

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