2011 AQP

2011 County Activity

The goal is to activate all Alabama counties!!

If you are planning on operating, as a fixed station, mobile or an individual station from an Alabama County(ies), please let me know your callsign, category, mode, what county(ies) and when you will be operating, by sending email to me. Thanks!

Updated May 25th, 2011

Clubs activity:

The following clubs have indicated that they will participate in the 2011 AQP.

W4HOD, Heart of Dixie ARS will operate from Lee County. Operators will include K9MUG, KA4PKB, AA4YL and KI4EEY.

K4BFT, Huntsville ARC, Huntsville, AL will activate at the Red Cross Building for the full event.

J. F. Drake State Technical College ARC will be active from Madison County.

the Birmingham Amateur Radio Club will be operating the QSO Party from the club station. We will be using the club call sign - W4CUE and plan on operating 80 meters and above. (see
Also on that day, the Amateur Radio Advancement (ARA) Group (, will be starting a Tech Class at 8:00 AM at the same location as the club station. It is our intent to begin early, conduct a VE test session during the afternoon and then have the new hams making contacts at the club station during the QSO Party. We want to make it a full and exciting day for some new hams. 73, Ken Adkisson - WB4FAY; VP - Birmingham Amateur Radio Club; Member Board of Directors - ARA Group

WR4Y - Walker Co Amateur Radio Club) will operate at the EMA building. We will be using our club callsign WR4Y. thanks Chuck KI4JTB

Walker County ARES station will be active from the Red Cross in Jasper, Jimmie/NR4G

    Mobile Activities:

    Have several mobiles reporting that they will be active but schedules are still be planned out. Please let me know as soon as you can.

    W4NZ/M has indicated that he to will be operating this year. Look for his list of counties shortly.

    N4ZZ/M operated by AD4EB and N4ZZ will be operating CW in Limestone, Lauderdale, Lawrence, Colbert, Franklin, Marion, Winston, Walker, Fayette, Lamar, Pickens, Tuscaloosa, Greene, Sumter, Marengo, Hale, Perry, Dallas, Lowndes, Montgomery, Elmore, Autauga, Chilton, Shelby, Jefferson, Blount, Cullman, Morgan. Please lookup N4ZZ on for the times we plan to enter each county.

    Greg/W4OZK will be mobile in DeKalb, Jackson and Madison counties.

    Tom/WA4ZPZ will be operating CW on 40 and 80 meters in Shelby, St Clair and Jefferson counties.

    Tim/KY5R will be mobile in 1. Marshall 2. Cullman 3. Winston 4. Marion 5. Franklin 6. Colbert 7. Lawrence 8. Laudrdale

    Gary/N4AST and John/N4QP will be active from JEFF, SCLR, TDEG, CHOU, CLEB, CLAY, RAND, SHEL, TDEG and CLAY.

    John/AD8J will be operating in Cleburne, Calhoun, Cherokee, Etowah, Jackson (if time permits) and Dekalb.

    David/WA2ZDD has indicated that he will be active in Southeastern Alabama. Still finalizing his schedule.

    Jake/N3FU will be active on PH in Houston, Henry, Barbour, Bullock, Pike, Crenshaw, Covington, Coffee and home to Houston.

    Tom/K4ZGB will use W4AQP/M, his route: 01. Bibb 02.Tuscaloosa 03. Pickens 04. Lamar 05. Fayette 06. Walker 07. Winston 08. Marion 09. Franklin 10. Colbert 11. Lawrence 12. Morgan 13. Cullman

    Jim/KC4HW and Arnie/W4EIP will be operating KC4HW/M are planning to operate mixed mode in Conecuh, Monroe, Clarke, Washington, Choctaw, Marengo, Sumter, Greene, Hale, Perry, Dallas, Wilcox, Lowdes, Butler Covington Coffee and Geneva.

    Ed/KN4Y plan to be mobile in the following counties in the order listed: Houston, Dale, Pike, Montgomery, Elmore, Coosa, Clay, Cleburne, Randolph, Chambers, Lee, Russell, Barbour, Henry.

    • Anybody? We need all the mobiles that we can get! Please consider activating a few counties.

    • County Activity (Includes all stations):

      • Autuga: N4ZZ/M(22)
      • Baldwin: W4HEX; WA4WLI; K4DEY; KC4QU
      • Barbour: KN4Y/M(13); N3FU/M(3)
      • Bibb: K4DL; K4RKY; W4AQP/M(1)
      • Blount: N4ZZ/M(26); KJ4FDV
      • Bullock: N3FU/M(4)
      • Bulter: WA4LR; KC4HW/M(14)
      • Calhoun: AD8J/M(2)
      • Chambers: KN4Y/M(10)
      • Cherokee: AD8J/M(3)
      • Chilton: N4ZZ/M(23)
      • Choctaw: N4AST/M(4); KC4HW/M(5)
      • Clarke: KC4HW/M(3)
      • Clay: KN4Y/M(7); N4AST/M(6) & N4AST/M(10)
      • Cleburne: KA4NDY; AD8J/M(1); KN4Y/M(8); N4AST/M(5)
      • Coffee: N3FU/M(8); KC4HW/M(16)
      • Colbert: KY5R/M(6); N4ZZ/M(4); W4AQP/M(10)
      • Conecuh: KC4HW/M(1)
      • Coosa: KN4Y/M(6)
      • Covington: N3FU/M(7); KC4HW/M(15)
      • Crenshaw: N3FU/M(6)
      • Cullman: KY5R/M(2); N4ZZ/M(27); W4AQP/M(13)
      • Dale: KM4JA; KN4Y/M(2); KD4FNI
      • Dallas: n4zz/m(18); KC4HW/M(11)
      • Dekalb: W4BXI; AD8J/M(6); W4OZK/M(1)
      • Elmore: W2SKP; N4ZZ/M(21); KN4Y/M(5)
      • Escambia: N4RTT
      • Etowah: AD8J/M(5)
      • Fayette: N4ZZ/M(9); W4AQP/M(5)
      • Franklin: KY5R/M(5); N4ZZ/M(5); NV4B; W4AQP/M(9)
      • Geneva: KC4HW/M(17)
      • Greene: N4ZZ/M(13); NE4M; KC4HW/M(8)
      • Hale: N4ZZ/M(16); KC4HW/M(9)
      • Henry: KN4Y/M(14); N3FU/M(2)
      • Houston: KN4Y/M(1); WA4ZPZ/M(3); N3FU/M(1) & N3FU/M(9); N3FU
      • Jackson: AD8J/M(5-IF TIME PERMITS); W4OZK/M(2)
      • Jefferson: W4CUE; N4ZZ/M(25); N4AST/M (1); N4JF(QRP); N4JDU
      • Lamar: N4ZZ/M(10); W4AQP/M(4)
      • Lauderdale: KY5R/M(8); N4ZZ/M(2)
      • Lawrence: KY5R/M(7); N4ZZ/M(3); K4NA; W4AQP/M(11)
      • Lee: KC4OCS; KN4Y/M(11); N1JIK
      • Limestone: N4ZZ/M(1); KY4F
      • Lowndes: N4ZZ/M(19); KC4HW/M(13)
      • Macon: KN4Y/M(12)
      • Madison: K4BFT; KO4QV; W4OZK/M(3); N4DTC; KG4CUY
      • Marengo: N4ZZ/M(15); K4WI; KC4HW/M(6)
      • Marion: KY5R/M(4); WB4KDI; N4ZZ/M(6); W4AQP/M(8)
      • Marshall: KY5R/M(1)
      • Mobile: KJ4RAQ (will combine the AQP and the Museum Ships Weekend Special Event Station at the USS Alabama). Operators: KD8IGK, KK4BJV and others. For more information please contact Warren at KJ4RAQ(at)comcast(dot)net.
      • Monroe: KC4HW/M(2)
      • Montgomery: N4ZZ/M(20); KN4Y/M(4)
      • Morgan: N4ZZ/M(28); W4AQP/M(12)
      • Perry: N4ZZ/M(17); AJ4ZX; KC4HW/M(10)
      • Pickens: N4ZZ/M(11); W4AQP/M(3)
      • Pike: KN4Y/M(3);N3FU/M(5); KN4Y/(12)
      • Randolph: KN4Y/M(9); N4AST/M(7)
      • Russell: KN4Y/M(13); W4AN
      • St. Clair: N4ZUM; WA4ZPZ/M(2); N4AST/M
      • Shelby: N4ZZ/M(24); WA4ZPZ/M(1); N4AST/M(8)
      • Sumter: N4ZZ/M(14); KC4HW/M(7)
      • Talladega: N4AST/M(3)&N4AST/M(9)
      • Tallapoosa: KI4ACW; KJ4ZOG
      • Tuscaloosa: N4ZZ/M(12); KX4X; W4AQP/M(2)
      • Walker: NR4G; N4EMP; N4ZZ/M(8); Bob/WA1FCN using K4ACG; W4AQP/M(6)
      • Washington: KC4HW/M(4)
      • Wilcox: KC4HW/M(12)
      • Winston: N4ZZ/M(7); W4AQP/M(7); KY5R/M(3)

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