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Software Support

I do not endorse the use of any particular logging software. This information is presented as software that supports the Alabama QSO Party. If your software does not support the AQP, please ask the author to include a module.

  • N4FJP Amatuer Radio Software now offers a module(s) for the Alabama QSO Party.
  • CQ/X by NO5W a contest logging program developed specifically for the mobile operator in state QSO parties with emphasis on fully integrating GPS devices and mapping information into the planning, operating, and post-contest phases of these types of contests. Chuck has included support for the AQP.
  • GenLog: Supports the AQP. This is shareware, so please check out the requirements for use. Dave/W3KM has updated GenLog to support the 2008 AQP Rules changes--Thanks!
  • LOGic: Dennis/WN4AZT has informed me that LOGic 8 supports the AQP. Dennis created a setup for the AQP in 2006. Please goto the LOGic website for updates and information.
  • N1MM Logger: Thanks to Larry, K4AB, who worked directly with the folks at N1MM Logger, have come up with an updated modules for the Alabama QSO Party. Larry reports that he has checked it out and all seemed to work very well. If you have been looking for a new contest logger, check this one out. (Jul 14th, 2009)
  • SD by EI5DI: Paul has advised that "SD" support the AQP and it is free! Paul/EI5DI indicates that he has updated SD to support the 2008 AQP Rules changes--Thanks!.
  • Win-EQF: Tom/N3EQF has included a setup for the AQP in the Win-EQF Contest, v1.85.
  • Writelog: Writelog supports the Alabama QSO Party

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