2014 AQP

2014 County Activity

The goal is to activate all Alabama counties!!

If you are planning on operating, as a fixed station, mobile or an individual station from an Alabama County(ies), please let me know your callsign, category, mode, what county(ies) and when you will be operating, by sending email to me. Thanks!

Updated May 29th, 2014

County Activity (Includes all stations):

Station with a number in parenthesis (ie N4ZZ(22)) indicates that this is a moble station and the number indicated the order for which they will visit the county. If you look down this page to the area where the mobiles are listed you will see their listing of the county in order.

  • Autauga: W4AUE; KK4PC; W4AN/M(6)
  • Baldwin: W4II; KB0ETU; KE4WKH; KC5OXI
  • Barbour: KN4Y/M(14); N3FU/M
  • Bibb: K4ZGB(9); KO4TM/M(1); K5YAA/M(3)
  • Blount: K5YAA/M(5); KC8CF
  • Bullock: KN4Y/M(13)
  • Bulter: KC4HW/M(5)
  • Calhoun: KI3N(2)
  • Chambers: KN4Y/M(10); W4AN/M(14)
  • Cherokee: WA4DXP(4)
  • Chilton: KO4TM/M(.5--This will be before Bibb Co.); W4AN/M(7)
  • Choctaw: KK4TE(11); W4AN/M(11)
  • Clarke: KK4TE(3)
  • Clay: KI3N(4); KN4Y/M(8)
  • Cleburne: K3IN(3); W4TDS/P; W4AUB; W4AN/M(12);
  • Coffee: KC4HW/M(7)
  • Colbert: K5YAA/M(10)
  • Conecuh: KC4HW/M(3)
  • Coosa: KN4Y/M(6)
  • Covington: KC4HW/M(1)
  • Crenshaw: KC4HW/M(6)
  • Cullman: KK4RZM; N4WN; K5YAA/M(6); WX4HP
  • Dale: KN4Y/M(2); KC4HW/M(8)
  • Dallas: KK4TE(7); K4ZGB(7)
  • Dekalb: WA4DXP(3)
  • Elmore: KN4Y/M(5); W4AN/M(5)
  • Escambia: W4DSM; KC4HW/M(2); KI4GGH
  • Etowah: WA4DXP(5); K4VMV
  • Fayette: KO4TM/M(8)
  • Franklin: NV4B; K5YAA/M(11)
  • Geneva: K5WP; KC4HW/M(9)
  • Greene: K4GZB(3); KO4TM/M(4)
  • Hale: KK4TE(10); K4ZGB(2); KO4TM/M(3)
  • Henry: KN4Y/M(15)
  • Houston: WB4ZPI; KN4Y/M(1)
  • Jackson: WA4DXP(2)
  • Jefferson: N4JF; KO4TM/M(10); K5YAA/M(4); W4AN/M(9)
  • Lamar: KO4TM/M(7)l K5XQ
  • Lauderdale: AB4B
  • Lawrence: K4NA; K5YAA/M(9)
  • Lee: WA4ZOF; KN4Y/M(11); W4AN/M(2) & W4AN/M(15)
  • Limestone: N4KG; KK4OEF(1); K5YAA/M(8)
  • Lowndes: KC4HW/M(5.5); KW4JP; AK4US; KJ4ZKT
  • Macon: K4SHA; W4AN/M(3)
  • Madison: KK4OEF(2); WA4DXP(1) & WA4DXP(7); KV4TG; N4WGY
  • Marengo: KK4TE(5) & KK4TE(9); K4WI; K4ZGB(5)/li>
  • Marion: K5YAA/M(12); WB4KDI
  • Marshall: KN4OK; WA4DXP(6)
  • Mobile: KK4TE(1); KK4TE(13); KK4NSK; KD5EJA
  • Monroe: KC4HW/M(4)
  • Montgomery: KN4Y/M(4); W4AN/M(4)
  • Morgan: KK4OEF(3); K5YAA/M(7)
  • Perry: KK4TE(8); K4ZGB(8); KO4TM/M(2)
  • Pickens: KO4TM/M(6); K5YAA/M(1)
  • Pike: KN4Y/M(3)
  • Randolph: KN4Y/M(9); W4AN/M(13)
  • Russell: KN4Y/M(12); W4AN/M(1) & W4AN/M(16)
  • St. Clair: W4AN/M(10)
  • Shelby: KC4LE; W4AN/M(8)
  • Sumter: KK4TE(11); K4ZGB(4); KO4TM/M(5)
  • Talladega: KI3N(1)
  • Tallapoosa: KN4Y/M(7)
  • Tuscaloosa: KX4X; K4ZGB(1) & K4ZGB(10); K5YAA/M(2); AD4NW; KK4HQT
  • Walker: WA1FCN; KO4TM/M(9); K5YAA/M(14); N4EMP
  • Washington: KK4TE(2) & KK4TE(6) & KK4TE(12)
  • Wilcox: KK4TE(4); K4ZGB(6)
  • Winston: K5YAA/M(13)

Clubs activity:

The following clubs have indicated that they will participate in the 2014 AQP.

  • WB4ZPI, Wiregrass ARC, Dothan, Houston County will be on the air with their new club station
  • W4GEN, Geneva Amatuer Radio Society, Geneva County will be activity from 11AM to ~1PM.
  • W1AW/4 W4HOD, Heart of Dixie ARC, Loachapoka, Lee County, Alabama will be activity for the duration of the AQP. They will be using the call W1AW/4. We welcome you to work them, but please consider working many of the other AQP participants that will be handing out an Alabama County QSO on Jun 7th as well. Thanks--KC4HW

      Mobile Activities:

      Please let me know as soon as you can.

    • W4AN/M: K4BAI tentative route will be to start in Phenix City in Russell County, go west on 280 to I-85, west to I-65 in MGMY, north to Bham and I-20, east to near the GA line and return home via US 431. That will give us about 52 minutes average in each of 14 counties. The counties would be: RSSL, LEE, MACO, MGMY, ELMO, AUTA, CHIL, SHEL, JEFF, SCLR, CHOU, CLEB, RAND, CHMB, and possibly LEE and RSSL again near the end. 73, John, K4BAI.
    • N3FU/M: I'll do my best to go out mobile. I don?t have a mobile rig in the truck right now. I have one sitting on the desk waiting to be put in. If I can pull it together, I?ll try to run up to Barbour county again. 73, Jake, N3FU
    • K5YAA/M: I am considering coming over to run the AQP again this year. Here is a tentative route I have mapped out. Pickens[1], Tuscaloosa[2], Bibb[3], Jefferson[4], Blount[5], Cullman[6], Morgan[7], Limestone[8], Lawrence[9], Colbert[10], Franklin[11], Marion[12], Winston[13] and Walker[14]. All bands High Power 10-80 with 80 late Saturday evening. Looks like that will leave St. Clair, Lowndes and Chilton for all counties to be covered. Thanks, Jerry K5YAA
    • KO4TM/M: Update on plans for the QSO Party... Operating using the call: KO4TM Category: Mobile - Multi Operator Operators: Jim, WA4CWI, and Ken, WB4FAY Power: LP (100 watts) Modes: Phone (SSB) Only Frequencies: As suggested for the 'Mobile Window' -- "First 10 kHz of the General PH band." Expect to primarily use 20M and 40M bands. Then add 75M to the mix as it opens in the evening. This is all subject to change as conditions dictate. County plan: We expect to make a clockwise loop around (and excluding) Tuscaloosa County. We will begin in Bibb County at 11:00 AM CDT and then progress through Perry, Hale, Greene, Sumter, Pickens, Lamar, Fayette, Walker and then back home to Jefferson. For planning purposes expect a new county approximately each hour after spending the time slot in Bibb County. Other notes: We will be monitoring D-STAR Reflector 058-B for as much of the day as possible. Look forward to catching you on the bands somewhere this weekend. 73, Ken, WB4FAY
    • W4TDS, K4UXO and W4BJA: will be operating mobile up in Cleburne county with 2 other hams, we will be setting up a station on a 50k run up at the beginning of cheaha parkway. we will be operating off of a battery with 100 watts on 10m,20m, 40m and 80 hopefully. call signs operating will be w4tds,k4uxo and w4bja. thanks w4tds tommy
    • KK4TE/M AND KD4TT: Our route takes us from Mobile County, then Washington, Clarke, Wilcox, Marengo, back into Wilcox, Dallas, Perry, Back into Marengo, Hale, Sumpter, Choctaw, back into Washington, and then back into Mobile County for a total of 11 Southwestern counties. (I65 to hwy 43, to hwy 5, to hwy 80, to hwy 17, to hwy 45 and then home, one BIG loop). We operate on SSB only, mainly on 20 meters. We will be on 40 meters late as we leave Choctaw and head to Washington and Mobile. I answer paper QSLs 100% if you need these counties confirmed! 73 Chuck KK4TE - Axis, Al
    • KK4OEF/M: I am planning to operate during the Alabama QSO party, this year. I plan to operate single operator, single driver, and low power. I plan to drive and operate in the following order; Limestone county, Madison county, and Morgan county.
    • WA4DXP/M: I have expanded my route this year, Jim. Here are the counties and approximate time to arrive in each one. These are likely to change times, but the route will not. All these times may be bumped up a bit depending on stops to be made at scenic locations like DeSoto Park & Falls in Mentone. I'll be primarily on 40 & 20 meters. M.D. WA4DXP Madison MDSN Madison 11 am Jackson JKSN Jackson 12 am Dekalb DKLB Dekalb 13:00 am Cherokee CKEE Cherokee 14:30 am Etowah ETOW Etowah 15:30 pm Marshall MRSH Marshall 17:00 pm Madison MDSN Madison 18:00 pm
    • KI3N/M: Weather allowing....I plan to operate mobile, single operator, low power from the following counties (in order): Talladega, Calhoun, Cleburne, and Clay. I will be QRT by 1800 hours CDT since I have to work that evening. I will focus primarily on 20, 15, and 10m bands. I will also be mountaintop mobile from Mt Cheaha (Cleburne Co). 73 de KI3N
    • K4ZGB/M: Mobile Route for AQP 2014: Tuscaloosa, Hale, Green, Sumter, Marengo, Wilcox, Dallas, Perry, Bibb, and Tuscaloosa again. tom-zgb
    • KN4Y/M: This is my planned route for the AlQP. Houston, Dale, Pike, Montgomery, Elmore, Coosa, Tallapoosa, Clay, Randolph. Chambers, Lee, Russell, Bullock, Barbour, and Henry. Plan om 15, 20 and 40-meters, 80-meters after dark. Ed KN4Y
    • KC4HW/M: I am planning to work the following counties...starting around 1100AM CDST (12Z): COVI Covington ESCA Escambia CONE Conecuh MNRO Monroe BUTL Bulter CREN Crenshaw COFF Coffee DALE Dale GENE Geneva I will be operating single op NO driver on 20m and 40m CW. I am trying to install a (new to me) Tarheel antenna and if I get that done then perhaps I can do 15m and 80m if those bands are open for me. If you are a county hunter and need one of these counties then let me know and I will listen for you. Jim/KC4HW

      • Anybody? We need all the mobiles that we can get! Please consider activating a few counties.

      • Othr Significant Activity:

      • LY5W: Sam, will be active in the AQP this year.
      • OM2VL:
        I will be QRV in AL QP.
        Please operation from every county also on 20/15m because at the 
        begenning 40m is closed here.
        In last QP?s 15m was excellent with a BIG signals of mobiles. 
        (at the begenning on 20m very weak signals especially on SSB)
        Because in AL QP multis are count both on SSB and CW if it is 
        POSSIBLE PLEASE quick QSY from CW to SSB on 15m. I am very 
        quick - you can back your CW run during 10 sec! We do it with 
        K5KG during the FL QP and we made during 1 min sometimes 6! 
        QSO (20/15/10m CW/SSB)
        On the late night I will be looking for you also on 40m CW/SSB 
        and 80m CW.
        On 40m CW big problem for me RTTY QRM  between 7040-7045. 
        I hope found you also on this band.
        On 40m SSB I can transmit only till 7.200. Please also 
        operation above this frq.
        regards, Laci OM2VL
        My missed counties from Alabama. If you will be on one of 
        these please special attention for me!
        1. Barbour
        2. Bibb
        3. Colbert
        4. Conecuh
        5. Coosa
        6. Henry
        7. Houston
        8. Cherokee 
        9. Marshall
        10. Monroe
        11. Talladega 
        12. Washington
        13. Winston

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